Friday, December 21, 2007

Moved to Boston (12/18/2007)

Just Moved into the Westgate J2 on Tuesday and finally have some time to blog.

Dragging a U-Haul trailer and driving through the snow and wind in Pennsylvania and upstate NY wasn’t fun at all, but whole family made it safely. Weather here in Boston is depressing. It has been three major snow storms in a week, and you can see their presence from parked cars, with three distinctive layers of snow on top. It’s like the rock layers at Grand Canyon – a living history book.

I am going through some culture shock right now - the accent, the road rage, the price of a 12-pack, and most of all, the difficulty of parking. I circled for a half hour on the night of arrival, but failed to find a spot that would authorize me to sleep through the night without worrying about my car being towed. Finally, I pulled off the most brilliant move in my life. I parked at MIT police station. The most dangerous place is the safest place. Fortunately, everyone I met on campus is very helpful and polite. We have a party lined up on Sunday already. I am sure once we are settled in, fun will begin.

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