Friday, January 25, 2008

Leadership workshop (1/24/08)

Today we concluded the two-session leadership workshop. Jan Klein instructed both sessions. I have read about 5 to 6 books on leaderships so nothing is groundbreaking for me. We spent most of the time watching a documentary movie about the “big dig” and critiqued Fred Salvucci’s leadership. The positives are the usual characters of a great leader that we all heard of before. Some of the negatives that we came up with are blind sighted, inflexible, sacrificed too much for a personal vision, black-mailing North Carolina, etc.

Jan also mentioned Sloan distributed leadership model, which includes:
• Sensemaking: making sense of the world around us, coming to understand the context in which we are operating.
• Relating: developing key relationships within and across organizations.
• Visioning: creating a compelling picture of the future.
• Inventing: designing new ways of working together to realize the vision.

Overall, I think the workshop can be condensed to one day, and it lost some focus at the end. We talked about Career Anchor instead of leadership, valuable but not focused. I plan to join the leadership committee and hopefully I can provide some feedbacks.

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